Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Join the Scentsy Team!

Please take a moment to see my top 5 reasons for joining the Scentsy Team!

1. Ease of selling. I’m sure you’ve heard this dozens of times, but the products, HONESTLY, sell themselves, all you really have to do is let someone find the right fragrance for them!

2. Generous compensation plan. It is so easy to move up on the Scentsy ladder, not only does your title gets better, so does the money in your pocket. For each level up you reach, you get more and more benefits.

3. Ability to get outside your home. Most people like to visit new places; with Scentsy you have the ability to spread the Scentsy word wherever there’s an open ear.

4. Branding Yourself! Once you fall in love with Scentsy and become a consultant you will love to “brand yourself”. Not sure what that means? It’s simple; just wear your Scentsy gear wherever you go. Not only do they make cute items to do so, but it helps get you noticed.

5. Scentsy Forum. (An online message board) Sounds a little odd right? But it’s wonderful. Scentsy has created a forum just for consultants. On the forum you can get all the information you could possibly ever want to grow your business, as well as get creative ideas to boost sales. Trade Scentsy products or documents, it’s all there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Spring/Summer Collection